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all these diddley bow accessories included 
SLIDES.   A 1/2" polished aluminium slide is included with each diddley bowYou will probably want to experiment with different items to find 
the one that suits you best.  If you prefer a slide that fits over your finger many folks use "Sears" deep well sockets from their tool department 
and find the one that fits over their finger snugly. Hard metals and glass make the loudest sounds. Using pocket knives over the strings or the glass necks of bottles have created  styles known as " Jackknife " and " Bottleneck " blues.
STRINGS   You can use regular guitar strings and experiment with different gauges to create different tones. Strings we include with the Diddley Boware 18 gauge solid steel.  
The "Altoids" tin resonates a nice metal sound for the blues but you may want to experiment with other items to create that 
personal sound. We have tried cookie cutters, sink drains, glass bottles, sardine can and various lids and tins. You will soon find a favorite!
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Playing the diddley bow
    Diddley Bow's  comes with all of the above accessories
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Gold Color Machine Tuning head
6'    1/4" cable

Picks/Extra String
digital tuner
   also includes our CD with a diddley bow song !
  28"long x 1 1/2"wide x 3/4" thick
 We use only hand selected oak with interesting grain patterns !
Digital Tuner included with all orders
Gold tuner head
            All of our diddley bows are handcrafted right here in our studio
and made from beautiful solid red oak with hand selected grains and patterns!
Price includes free postage and handling in USA.
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