I first met Lonnie Pitchford when he was an instructor at Blues Week in Elkins West Virginia in 1997.
He was considered the king of the "one string" diddley bow . He was a big hit at the Atlanta Blues
Festival when he played the" One String Boogie."  He died the following year at a very young age.
He has a diddley bow built on the side of his tombstone. See photo below!
Elmore James was famous for his slide guitar and is buried in the same cemetery.
Check out the "one string" diddley bow
on the side of the tombstone
Replacing the string on Lonnie's diddley bow
We ask this fellow in town for directions to
the cemetery. Later he stopped by and had his picture taken with us. We told him we would
send him a copy.  His name was Cory.
Elmore James is also buried in the same cemetery. Mark and Cory in the photograph.
Newport Baptist Cemetery, Ebenezer, Mississippi   
Lonnie Pitchford & Elmore James